The Lake Arbutus Association raised funds to furnish defibrillators to all of the local businesses.

Jim Beale and Ralph Johnson got a Wisconsin Law changed that allows Safety Buoys to be put on waters in Wisconsin to protect the safety of water rec-creators. Buoys are now put in and taken out each year for people who use Lake Arbutus.

The Association let by members Ralph and Torger  built and installed the Kids don't float kiosk holding life jackets for kids to where while on or near the water.  

The Association erected a flag pole at the Dewhurst Town Hall.

The Association coordinated the ordering of 3500 white and red pine trees and helped plant 1600 of them to reforest an area around the lake damaged by a tornado.

 The Association is currently working with the Clark County Land Conservation Department is addressing Shore Land Restoration

The Association is currently monitoring water quality

Association Board Member Johnson is in the forefront of Fire Wise, an educational program to address the High Fire Hazard area around Lake Arbutus

Association Board Member Jim Beale installed and maintains a web cam purchased by the Association. The camera is mounted on the dam, Internet is provided by NAH, Camera can be controlled by members

The Association is instrumental in informing members of current events, such as possible park expansions, fish releases, zoning issues,

Association Board Members Johnson and Beale orchestrated a response stopping an error in zoning for flood plain that may have cost members in increased flood insurance 

Association was in the forefront of informing the membership and public on the recent dam renovation and lake drawdown including public meeting

 In Partnership with the Hatfield Sportsman's Club Implemented a Lake Grant 

Participated in the Hatfield Fun Days Parades taking a First and Second Place

Hosted the Dam Holiday a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the start of the Hatfield Dam construction

The Association hosted Clean Boats Clean Water classes and conducted boat ramp inspections

The Association sponsored a Boater Safety class qualifying about 13 people for a Boaters Safety certificate

Signed the boat ramps with rules of the no wake within 100 foot of docks

Maintains a outside bulletin board for announcing Association and local events

The Association maintains a web site with current information on lake activities along with events surrounding the lake,


Clark County Land Conservation Matt Zoschke County Conservationist

Ice Safety Mark Smith  Association Member, (City of La Crosse Firefighter/La Crosse Dive Team)

Law Enforcement from Jackson and Clark County

Fire Wise/DNR/Merrilan Fire Chief


Clark County Planning, Zoning, Survey and Land Information Steve Kunze Administrator


News & Events OCT 12th

Fire Prevention

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Local News APR 23rd

Head to Crex Meadows in May for fun in the outdoors

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