Lake Arbutus Community Area

Lake Arbutus Association

The lake is full and back to normal levels.

Black River Partners, Owner of the Hatfield Dam, has told us that they plan on working on the canal below Lake Arbutus this late summer.

Thank you Black River Partners for getting Lake Arbutus back to normal levels.

Annual Dues are $25!

Intro the Outdoors: Water Pollution and Solutions Video

 Eagle Creek has sold the dam to Black River Partners.

Dear Friends of Lake Arbutus,

We would like to have you as a member of the Lake Arbutus Association! Do you want our lake to be a great place to live and recreate? Do you want a Lake Arbutus community that works and socializes together? Do you want to have input into the future of Lake Arbutus? These are the reasons that the Lake Arbutus Association was formed. We are pleased with the response for so far, but would like to include you as a member. Established associations have memberships of 60+% of their community’s population.
Membership interest surveys have shown that the items of most immediate interest are shore land preservation and the quality of the water in Lake Arbutus. We have set up committees to deal with these two items first.
The Water Quality Committee feels it is important to begin long-term water monitoring to see the direction our water quality is going and what we should do to sustain good quality.
We also have a Social and a Membership committee. The Social Committee has two primary goals: to help the area residents get to know each other and to raise funds for the association. A Spring Fling is planned and clothing with a Lake Arbutus emblem will be offered for sale as a fund raiser. The Membership Committee will develop methods to increase membership by getting the word out on the importance of an association.
The Lake Arbutus Association has a web page site,; that will be an information point for the community. Please use the site as an information and feedback source whether or not you choose to become an Lake Arbutus Association member.
To join the Lake Arbutus Association, please fill out the application form and send it to the address on the form.

Thank you for your support,
Association President

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